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Version: v22.0.1.10

mseDoc365 Documentation

mseDoc365 can be used everywhere where you want to print, send and file receipts in Business Central. While in Business Central standard simply opens the report mask and print mask and sends the Business Central reports with the options selected there to the selected printer, mseDoc365 offers much more here.

mseDoc365 starts in mseDoc365 process, which consists of any number of steps, which generate or collect all desired main and secondary documents, send them with most different dispatch procedures, as well as perform the filing and linking of all generated documents. Thus, it is not papers that are printed, but document files that are generated, such as PDF with or without electronic stationery, XML, e-mail texts and more. These document files as well as all information about their generation and dispatch are managed in Business Central, so that print and dispatch actions can be found again at all relevant places in Business Central. As a dispatch procedure, mseDoc365 Business Central essentially offers the dispatch service provider XimantiX, which receives its orders and the associated documents from your Business Central system via a secure communication protocol: XimantiX then controls Lettershop, FAX, e-mail with/without PDF with/without XML- data with/without qualified signature, INCA mail procedure, EDI interfaces and much more.

Welcome to mse Software GmbH

The mse group is one of the leading Microsoft partners for the implementation of business solutions based on the Microsoft product range. Our portfolio ranges from business software solutions, such as ERP, DMS or Business-Intelligence-Solutions, to infrastructure offerings, such as SQL servers, to mobile communication systems.

On this website you will find all the information about one of our apps for Business Central mseDoc365. The menu in the navigation area will take you through the pages step by step about mseDoc365.

What does mseDoc365 do ?

  • Universal Microsoft Dynamics Business Central interface for all communication channels and document types

  • Sends all media: e-mail incl. signature + XML, fax, letter mail via lettershop, EDI, DE-Mail, INCA-Mail ...

  • Sends all document types: invoice, credit note, reminder, offer, order, payroll & HR documents ...

  • Multi-Document generation and dispatch: e.g. 1000 invoice with one click

  • Multi-Plants: Generation & dispatch of any additional documents performance records, electr. invoice data etc.

  • VariDoc: Automatic creation of variable document components mailbody, subject, shipping details etc.

  • Monitoring and documentation of all shipments

  • Continuous linking and archive connection

  • Process control based on modular principle: Document type-specific process control can be individually combined from standard steps to meet any requirement

    Receipt optional possible for ZUGFeRD, OpenTrans etc.

How can you save with mseDoc365?

  • Price & speed advantages => make optimal use of e-mail, fax and EDI => for postal delivery by inexpensive lettershop

  • Process optimization through standardization of all creations, dispatches and filings

  • Working time savings due to high automation

  • Saving local investments: Fax & signature server, printer, franking and inserting machine...

  • Customer requirements for electronic receipts are met (high savings potential for recipients)

  • More environmentally friendly communication as a free or cost-saving side effect

  • Microinvasive installation & maintenance as standard add-on in certified NAV number range combinable with any NAV solution & customization

  • Server based installation Saves setup and maintenance effort at the client

  • Short implementation time

ROI possible within the first year